The Lawrence/Methuen Community Coalition has been helping families, improving neighborhoods, and creating community in the City of Lawrence and surrounding municipalities, since 1995.

Lawrence/Methuen Community Coalition

History of the Lawrence / Methuen Community Coalition


In the spring of 1995, community residents, neighborhood organizations, and human services providers joined together create a strategy to develop economic opportunities in the Greater Lawrence area. From this experience, the Lawrence/ Methuen Community Coalition was formed. In October of that same year, the newly established Lawrence/Methuen Community Coalition received a planning grant from Community Connections, a community organizing initiative sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Social Services, to address community issues.


The Lawrence/ Methuen Community Coalition is a community-based “grass roots” which works to identify the specific needs of neighborhood residents and families and to mobilize activities to address these issues. Both the leadership and membership of the Coalition are comprised largely of neighborhood residents. The Coalition strives to engage with residents, neighborhood organizations, and human service providers to overcome barriers and obstacles in addressing community needs.  

The fiscal sponsor of LMCC is Family Services of the Merrimack Valley.



The mission of the Lawrence/ Methuen Community Coalition is to provide an accessible continuum of services that fosters and preserves the health, safety and well-being of individuals and families, thus supporting communities in which they through following the principles of Family Support, the prevention of substance abuse, the prevention of child maltreatment and increasing awareness of the prevention of domestic and family violence.